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A Novel Approach to RSA Cryptosystem using Hybrid Cryptography Algorithm (HCA) and Enhanced-HCA (EHCA)

Network security refers to three core elements: Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability. Confidentiality is achieved through Cryptography. One of the most popular asymmetric cryptography techniques is RSA Cryptosystem-A suite of crypto- graphic algorithms: one for key generation, one for encryption, and one for decryption. This paper presents a new Hybrid Cryptography Algorithm (HCA) for RSA cryptosystem and Enhanced-HCA (EHCA), to further decrease the decryption time. In HCA computation of public key (e) and private key (d) depends on the value of n (a product of four prime numbers) and the calculation of e and d involves the computation of some more intermediate factors making the computations more complex, thus increasing the security. To substantiate these facts the proposed HCA and EHCA cryptosystems have been compared with conventional RSA and ERSA algorithms. Keywords - Cryptosystem, Decryption, Encryption, Prime Number, Private Key, Public Key, RSA Algorithm