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Eye Tracking Mouse – People With Severe Disabilities

Eye gaze detection and tracking become a growing interest in developing natural interaction between human and computer. Eye tracking system use “eye mouse" to provide computer access for people with severe disabilities. The people with several disabilities cannot enjoy all the facilities provided by computer. This system uses the five stage algorithm in order for detecting face. The goal of this system is to provide a hand free interaction device for the people with certain disability in order for interaction with the computer. This system includes 4 steps follows-face detection, eye detection, pupils detection, eye tracking. This system includes only personal computer and an inbuilt webcam to control mouse movement in order for manipulating the computer. Unfortunately, people with physical disabilities (visual, auditory, physical, etc.) cannot enjoy benefits provided by computers. But this technique is helpful for the handicap people. This paper present hands free interface between human and computer. This paper is worked on the eye movement by focusing on eye. This eye tracking mouse allow the severe disabilities people to use their eye movement to perform some operation. Keywords- Face Detection, Eye & Pupil Detection, Eye Tracking, Mouse Controlling.