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Monitoring Employee’s Smartphone Using Android Application

Monitoring employee’s smartphone using android application is, essentially, software that allows Managers to monitor their Employee's office cell phone. All incoming and outgoing calls, texts and multimedia messages can be seen and interrupted by the Manager, who can also monitor where their Employee are (through GPS), access a history of where they've been and set up alerts, if their Employee are going outside of approved geographical area. If the employee are receiving texts or calls from unapproved numbers or banned persons. This system uses Android based mobile phones for the software to be run. The mobile device in the hand of the Employee should be an Android based device and the Managers may have any kind of mobile device, since the manager is going to receive alerts from the Employee in SMS format only. For convenience, the alerts are also stored in the centralized server like the details of incoming call, text and multimedia messages and the timely location update of their Employee and their attendance. Manager may later login into the centralized server and view the details of their Employee’s mobile usage. This system is helpful for the Managers to monitor their Employee through mobile phones. By using this application, we can avoid the unnecessary things happened for the Employee those who are having mobile phones by monitoring their mobile phone usage and also by tracking their current location through the GPS. Keywords- GPS, Employee Detection, Tracking, Android