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Voice Operated Web Browser

Speech Recognition is the new emerging technology in the field of computer science and artificial intelligence[1]. It has changed the way to communicate with computer and any other digital devices such as smart-phone. Voice browsers allow people to access the web using voice command. However the currently available browsers use the plug-ins for voice operations, these plug-ins needs to be downloaded as they are not the integral part of the browsers. The purpose of this project is to make a browser that would operate on voice commands. The voice operated web browser where voiced utterances are digitized through microphone and the digitized representations is input to a speech to text converter program. Then speech to text converter program determines the most likely set of words from stored commands. The words are searched in program, if the match occurs then the respective action will be performed as defined. There will be specific commands to operate the web browser. These commands are given as input to the web browser and accordingly actions will be performed as already assigned. If the commands are not matched then nothing will happen and user will have to try again. Keywords- Speech Recognition Engine , C-Requiirements, IVR.