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Audio Book Creation - An Android Application

Social Mobile Audio Book Creation aims to develop an Android Application “ My Book My Voice ” an innovative audio recorder system for creating an audio book and making it extensive usable for user by including multiple features built in single application. This app will allow user to create an audio book by recording his/her voice while reading the book. An additional feature that is modulation allows user’s voice to be modulated to the character present in book and thereby brings actual books to life. The user can upload the created audio book on the server or can download the existing audio books from the server which allow availability of all possible books on server and reach ability to broader audience. A section named Popular will contain all those audio books which are uploaded on the server and are highly rated, so that the user can get the benefit of popular books among others. Thus this app provides new features and environment for creating audio books to make them valuable tool. Keywords- Audio Book, Audio recording, Audio Trimmer, Merging, Modulation.