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Soldier Tracking And Health Monitoring Systems

In today’s era enemy warfare is an important factor in any nation’s security. The national security mainly depends on army (ground), navy (sea), air-force (air). The important and vital role is played by the soldiers. There are many concerns regarding the safety of these soldiers. The defense department of country must be effective for the security of that country. This system will be useful for soldiers, who involve in missions or in special operations. This system enables GPS (Global positioning systems) tracking of these soldiers. It is possible by M-Health. The M-health can be defined as mobile computing, medical sensors and communication technologies for health care. In this system, smart sensors are attached to the body of soldiers. This is implemented with a personal server for complete mobility. This personal server will provide the connectivity to the server at the base station using a wireless connection. Each soldier also has a GSM (Global system for Mobile communication) module which enables the communication with the base station in case of injuries. As soon as any other soldier enters the enemy lines it is very difficult for the army base station to know about the location as well as the health status of all soldiers. In our project we have come up with an idea of tracking soldier as well as to give status of the soldier during the war. Keywords- GPS Tracking, GSM Module, M-Health, Nations Security