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The Modern Software Analytical Platforms For Stock Market Management

Modern business environment, in combination with information technologies creates a need for new ways of managing. Software solutions now represent the standard for a wide range of activities of business users. Gathering the information at any time, and from any place in the context of the characteristics of each platform, should provide high-quality and reliable customers. This is especially true in stock market operations where changes occur on a daily basis and when accessibility and ways to display data directly affect the outcome of business. Identified world level quality data and charts in real-time, the scaling up of informing clients, enhancing liquidity and profitability, attracting a large number of new customers and connect them in the country and the world, are the main features of modern software professional platform. In this paper we analyzed the possibilities to create the main indicators for the modern software analytical platform that allows monitoring and analysis of market data around the world. Index Terms- Stock Market, Software Analytical Platform, Main Indicators.