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Computer Aided Analysis And Selection Of Optimal Structural Diagram For 3 Stage Gearbox Of Lathe Headstock

A gearbox is a mechanical device that is used to provide speed and torque conversions from a rotating power source to output shaft. A gearbox is formed by mounting different gears in appropriate speed rations to obtain the desired variations in speed. Gearboxes usually have multiple sets of gears that are placed appropriately to obtain different speed reduction. The process of gear design is an extremely vast and critical area, and whole research coverage in such work is not possible. To design a complete gearbox it is necessary to find the optimal structural diagram. This diagram helps the designer to design the gearbox accurately. In case of 3 stage gearbox design, lots of combinations of structural diagrams are obtained and out of these diagrams it is time consuming to find manually the optimal structural diagram. In this paper a new methodology is suggested by developing a computer program in ā€œCā€ to evaluate and analysis the structural diagrams and it helps to find the optimal structural diagram within very short duration of time. This computational approach definitely helps the designer to obtain the best structural diagram within short time duration. Keywords- Structural Diagram, 3 Stage Gearbox, Transmission Ratio Restriction Criterion And Minimum Shaft Size Criterion.