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Detection And Resolution Of Policy Conflict With Signature Generation Mechanism

Now a days firewall is most widely deployed and becoming most important part of the network security. Firewall is used as most effective security mechanism for various organizations, institutes. Security provided by the firewall is mainly depends on the policy configured in it. Due to complex nature of firewall configurations, designing and managing firewall policies is often error prone which creates security hole. Various tools are available to detect and resolve the misconfigurations (anomalies) identified in firewall policy. In our proposed approach for conflict identification and resolution rule based segmentation is used with grid based representation which diagnosis anomaly more accurate. We are making redundancy removal faster by using signature generation mechanism. This will give optimized rules to the firewall while minimizing time required for identifying and resolving the policy misconfigurations.

Author - Snehal Mumbaikar, Puja Padia, Vimla Jethani

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| Published on 2014-11-08
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