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Privarcy Preserving Access Authentication And Intrusion Detection To Secure Data In Cloud

The trend of using cloud environments is growing for storage and data processing needs. Cloud computing is an Internet-based computing, whereby shared resources, software, and information are provided to computers and other devices on demand. The idea is to construct a new privacy preserving access control scheme for securing data in clouds. The cloud verifies the authenticity of the user but cloud does not know user's identity.User should need to authenticate before storing tha data This is also prevents replay attacks and supports creation, modification, and reading data stored in the cloud. Moreover, authentication and access control scheme is decentralized. this paper introduce the Cloud Intrusion Detection Service (CIDS), which detect the different attack and fire the alert to other cloud user .CIDS used various component to summarize the alerts and inform about the attack fired information to the cloud administrator. CIDSarchitecture is scalable and elastic.CIDS approached detect the masquerade and host based attack and inform to cloud administrator to take proper action. This approache also able to detect infected file in cloud and suspected user in cloud

Author - Manisha G. Vaidya, A.V.Sakhare

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| Published on 2014-01-24
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