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Volume-8,Issue-1  ( May, 2020 )
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Design And Prototyping Of A Biomimetic Serpentine Robot

Biomimetic is the imitation of models, systems and elements in nature to solve complex problems. The variety of motion patterns, multi-redundancy and multi-degree of freedom gives a serpentine bot powerful motion ability and good environmental adaptability. In comparison to other mechanisms, biomimetic provides better locomotion in different environment. A biomimetic serpentine robot captures the natural motion of serpentine species. This facilitates intelligent control of complex motion patterns to negotiate obstacles and to traverse over different and rough terrains. In this paper, the anatomy and working of the serpentine is studied and mimicked to provide the necessary adaptability, flexibility and manoeuvrability by incorporating suitable mechanism and control systems at a maximum level of biological similarity. Keywords— Biomimetics, Serpenoid Curve, Serpentine robot.

Author - Kaushik Kamble, Abhinit Hirde, Harsh Navale, Rahul Jinturkar

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| Published on 2016-06-09
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