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In-Wheel Technology With Space Vector Pwm Controlled Bldc Motor As Drive Train Of Electric Vehicles

Abstract- This paper presents an idea of improving the In-wheel motor technology associated with Electric Vehicles. An In- wheel motor is one which is incorporated into the hub of the wheel and drives the vehicle directly. Different researches show that Brushless DC motor works efficiently as an In-wheel motor. By improving the control circuitry of BLDC motor, it is possible to improve vehicle performance. In this paper, we are using Pulse Width Modulation technique for controlling the speed of motor which is a popularly known method. Three different PWM methods such as Sinusoidal PWM, Third Harmonic PWM and Space vector PWM are compared in MATLAB/SIMULINK environment. Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) of the output voltage and current waveforms generated by the above techniques is mainly considered for the comparison. The Space vector PWM technique is found to have comparatively l ower THD in waveforms and thus the performance will be better. Implementation of space vector PWM controlled BLDC motor for Electric Vehicle was also done and the performance was analyzed.

Author - Krishna.L, R.Ganesan

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| Published on 2014-05-15
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