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Design of Automation and Control of Multiple Robots Using Swarm Intelligence for Industry Application

In manufacturing industries workers get severely injured while doing risky jobs. The main reasons for cause of accidents in industries are: lack of proper safety precautions, lack of proper training to workers to operate machines and insufficient number of skillful workers. This paper proposed a multi-robot system for based on swarm intelligence principle for industrial automation. Swarm intelligence is the new approach for the coordination of multiple robots, using simple individual robots based on local interactions. In Multi-robot system we assume that there are three robots, which are work on pick & place strategy. In the result, our proposed system can automate whole pick & place operations in industries where the operations are currently performed by workers. Index terms - Swarm Intelligence, Swarm Robotics

Author - Prem S. Bopinwar, Kapil K. Jajulwar

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| Published on 2017-06-14
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