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Sum Norm Approach Based Decision Making

In this paper, two methods of decision making have been developed. An algorithm of membership functions and a fuzzy soft set have been proposed in order to get the optimal alternative solution for decision making in which all alternatives depend on a same set of parameters. The first method, sum norm and adjustable sum norm method based on suitable values is used to decide a sample matching an optimal alternative. The process by calculating sum norm and adjustable sum norm will be used. The second method is a sum norm and adjustable sum norm method based on fuzzy sets which is more efficient than the first one because in the process of this method, it exploits any membership functions of fuzzy sets with respect to each pair of parameters and alternatives. Moreover, the particular membership functions will be constructed in order to be shown that the optimal alternative solution from two methods are the same. Finally, both methods are applied to some problem involving the making decision. Index Terms - Decision making, membership function, fuzzy soft set, sum norm, adjustable sum norm