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Mobile Robot with Fuzzy Control Methods for Android based Navigation System

The problems that occur in many mobile robot applications, such as human follower robots, standalone robot navigation systems, and obstacle-avoidance robots, are behavioral gaps between robots and humans. Behavior gaps occur because of robotic mathematical models that are less precise. For that we need a robot control system approach known as Fuzzy Logic Controller (FLC). This system uses a rule-based or knowledge-based approach that contains a set of if-then possibilities based on human assumptions. This paper aims to implement fuzzy control methods on robots in following a human-based navigation system on Android and avoiding obstacles using fuzzy control methods. The parameters used as mobile robot references in the use of fuzzy rules are heading angle robot with the target or obstacle, the distance between robot with target and the distance between robot with obstacle. Main omponents used in this project consist of Arduino UNO, Motor Driver, Ultrasonic sensor, Compass Module, GPS Module, Bluetooth Module and Android Application. Testing is done to see the response of the mobile robot moving towards the target of the coordinates of Android by using Bluetooth network and avoid obstacles based on ultrasonic sensors. Based on the test it was found that with the delay of Bluetooth network through Android application of 2ms, the robot can move towards the target and avoid obstacles quite well. Keywords - Fuzzy Logic Controller, Navigation System, Obstacle-Avoidance.