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IOT based Smart Irrigation System using NodeMcu

Automation of farm moves can convert farming place as of presence labor-intensive and still to smart and energetic most important to developed production with lesser human regulation. this paper proposes an automated irrigation gadget which keeps and monitors the selected soil moisture content via automatic watering. nodemcu is used as controller unit.the layout makes use of soil moisture sensors which degree the precise moisture degree in soil. this cost lets in the machine to use suitable amount of water which sidesteps over/underneath irrigation. iot is used to preserve the farmers updated approximately the grade of motor. records from the soil moisture sensor,dht11 sensor is often updated on the thingspeak web page thru which a farmer can test whether or not the water motor is on/off at any given time. also, the sensor readings are transmitted to a issue talk channel to generate graphs for evaluation. Keywords- Automation,thingspeak, IOT,node MCU.