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Energy Efficient Secure Routing Algorithm For Wireless Sensor Networks

Popularity of wireless sensor networks (WSNs) is increasing continuously in different domains of daily life, as they provide efficient method of collecting valuable data from the surroundings for use in different applications. Routing in WSNs is the vital functionality that allows the flow of information generated by sensor nodes to the base station, while considering the severe energy constraint and the limitations of computational and storage resources. Indeed, this functionality may be vulnerable and must be in itself secured, since conventional routing protocols in WSNs provide efficient routing techniques with low power consumption, but they do not take into account the possible attacks. As sensor nodes may be easily captured and compromised, we present an energy efficient secure data transmission in WSNs where we divide the area of interest in four quadrants and then uses the techniques of both public and private key cryptography using four Mobile Base stations for energy saving. We also use data compression techniques for reducing the amount of bit transmission. We also employ Monitor Nodes to detect the internal attacks.