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A Conceptual Framework For Clinical Decision Support Systems With Considering The Distributed Electronic Health Records And Centralized Knowledge Engines

Clinical decision support (CDS) systems promise to improve the quality of clinical care by helping physicians to make better, more informed decisions efficiently. Improving the quality of healthcare, reducing medical errors, guarantying the safety of patients are the most serious duty of the hospital. Electronic Health Record (EHR) is used to achieve these goals. HER has a very large data source which can guide and improve the clinical decision making process. In this paper, we will propose a distributed Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) Framework which satisfies the compatibility, interoperability, and scalability objectives of EHR. The system will also have a set of Distributed Electronic Health Records and centralized Knowledge Engines. These Electronic Health Records are minimized and distributed In some parts of the country so that contains only the patient (patient Universal ID)UID, the visited hospitals, and the most critical patient diseases and diagnoses for all of the patients in the country. Knowledge Engines are centralized and work together. Each centralized Knowledge Engine is specialized in a specific domain. Index Terms — Clinical decision support systems, Electronic Health Record, Knowledge Engine, Decision Making.