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Defending The Security Attacks In Asp.Net Web Applications

Web application has become one of the most essential communication channels between service providers and users now-a-days. The global distribution of these web applications make them prone to attacks that uncover and maliciously exploit a variety of security vulnerabilities. Research reports indicate that more than 80 percent of the web applications are vulnerable to security threats. Since these applications might contain security leaks that are not seen to the owner of the web applications. In this paper, I present a scanner tool that checks all the ASP.NET (Active Server Pages) web application files for the two top most security attacks: SQL (Structured Query Language) Injection and Cross-Site Scripting (XSS). If leaks occur in the file it will generates a report mentioning the infected file name, leak description andits location in the file. Otherwise it reports the file as secure. This scanner tool helps the developers to fix the vulnerabilities in the application and improve the overall security.