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Simulation Approach To Detect Clone Attack In Wireless Sensor Network

The advantages and recent advances in the wireless sensor technology have made wireless sensor networks suitable for wide variety of applications. With this a need to protect such systems from various adversaries has increased and has been a research area in past few years. One such attack that is most common and significant is cloning attack or node replication attack. In clone attack an adversary captures only a few of nodes, replicates them and then deploys arbitrary number of replicas throughout the network. If this attack is not detected then these replicas will consume network resources and can make the network vulnerable to a large class of internal attacks. This paper presents a novel approach to combat the effects of clone attack or node replication attack in a wireless sensor network. The proposed employs the use of a MAC layer agent, which checks the signatures of the communication within the network. If similar signatures are found for more than 1000 packets then all the nodes except the one that generated the signature are declared as cloned nodes and are removed from the network. The proposed method has been implemented using NS-2. The results of the implementation show that the proposed method is efficient to detect clone attack in the WSN efficiently without any excessive overheads.