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Study on Teleimmersion Which Is a Form of Virtual Reality

The world is getting inculcated of Technology and Science. Technology these days is emerging and is evoluting. Basic sciences help in evoluting and bring up new technologies. TELE-IMMERSION is one such form of technology. VIRTUAL REALITY is the science which led to bringing up the concept of tele-immersion. Tele-immersion is an advanced concept of virtual reality that will allow users in different places to interact in real time in a shared stimulated environment. This technology causes users to feel as if they were in the same room. The tele-immersion technology uses a “tele-cubicle” whch is equipped with large screens, scanners, sensors, and cameras. The tele-cubicles are linked together in real-time so that they form one larger cubicle. Through the virtual environment, participants are able to interact with other group members. Also, virtual objects and data can be passed through the walls between participants, and placed on the shared table in the middle for viewing. Tele-immersion has the potential to significantly impact educational, scientific, manufacturing, an many other fields. Tele-immersion environment combines audio, video, virtual worlds, simulations and many complex technologies. They require huge band width, fast responses and guarantees of delivery. The hardware now needs to be made smaller, higher resolution and more adaptable to the human and his/her workspace. Middleware that manages connections, bandwidth and latency needs to be integrated with the computer systems driving these hardware devices. Software that increases the quality of human computer interaction through human output recognition must be brought from specialized experiments to use, and provided as part of the tele-immersive collaborative experience. This paper discusses many things at the heart of the research. Keywords— Virtual Reality, teleportec, Cubicle, video-conferencing.