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Agrobot: An Autonomous Crop Health Monitoring System

Plant diseases cause 26 per cent loss in crop yield in India every year. This has adverse effects on both economic and social fronts of the country. It is estimated that crop diseases alone cause about $250 million in damages every year in the United States of America. To prevent these diseases would mean to boost our economy and to help farmers acquire a better yield for their crops. When infected by pests or plant diseases, crops emit a varying concentration of certain gases such as Ammonia and other volatile organic compounds. These may be detected by gas sensors. A bot is designed to carry these sensors to the gas emanating from the plants. The onboard electronics are designed such that the data from the sensors is analyzed and transmitted wirelessly to a server and also displayed on an onboard graphical user interface. Being autonomous (using image processing), the bot is capable of running 24/7; constantly monitoring the crop health on the farmlands thus keeping a check on crop health. Keywords— Agriculture, Artificial Neural Networks, Autonomous Bot, Induction Pump, Gas Sensors